About Perusion

Perusion is a consulting practice specializing in opensource web applications.


Perusion was formed in 2001 when Mike Heins and Greg Hanson joined together to form a consulting firm that could provide practical service for companies needing to integrate or improve their web presence.


Mike Heins

Perusion chief consultant and co-founder Mike Heins wrote Minivend, which became Interchange after acquisition by Akopia and then Red Hat. Mike authored much of the functionality of Interchange, and has produced a number of innovations in the areas of database independence, ease of template use, and robustness of database access.

Mike has advanced knowledge of Linux, Perl, and systems management, among other areas. He is a great technical resource with his extensive experience and knowledge of networked systems.

Mike spent six years in the United States Navy as an electronics technician on a nuclear attack submarine, the USS Cavalla. After leaving the Navy, he spent 11 years at Central Data Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial computers, ending as Director of New Product Development. At Central Data, he developed one of private industry's first dynamic-content web sites. In 1995, he began consulting with the company Internet Robotics, which specialized in ecommerce solutions using the aforementioned Minivend. Selling the company to Akopia (which was sold to Red Hat), he worked for Red Hat for two years as head of software development in its Interchange division. After the division was disbanded in 2002, he joined Greg Hanson to form Perusion.

Mike is co-author of the CGI Primer+ and numerous magazine articles in publications such as Electronic Design, Datamation, and EE Times.

Greg Hanson

Greg has a diverse business management background. From operating and managing fishing trawlers with upwards of 100 crewmembers in the waters of the North Pacific in the 70s and 80s, to overseeing the construction and management of two floating casino properties in Mississippi in the early 90s.

In the mid 90s Greg became interested in the potential of the Internet and began exploring ways to get informed and involved. He started an internet based computer products company, Valuemedia, and oversaw every aspect of its evolution. During this period, Greg began to focus on the service industry that supports the IT infrastructure, and the large need for integrating existing systems with the internet so that employees as well as customers could get access to data from anywhere.

While building Valuemedia, Greg worked with many systems including Unix, Linux, Windows, Interchange, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and also picked up an Oracle 8i Certified Database Professional certification along the way. He has worked with many commonly-used systems, such as Quickbooks, Access and Excel, and helped integrate them with Interchange, allowing existing systems to effectively take advantage of the Internet without the complete replacement of all systems.

With his understanding of business management, as well as a good grasp of the realities of data systems, Greg is especially suited to help businesses develop economical plans to make their companies more efficient and profitable on the web.

Josh Lavin

Josh Lavin has been creating websites for nearly 20 years. He started using Interchange in 2001 for an e-commerce project requiring integration with a backend Point Of Sale system. Since joining Perusion in 2008, Josh has brought expertise on modern web development techniques, and continued to expand his skills with jQuery, Ajax, and Perl programming.

Josh has a wide range of business experience in sales, fulfillment, accounting, IT, and marketing, which led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business/Marketing.