Perusion presents free Bootstrap Templates & Demos and free downloads for Interchange.


We've been working to create some alternatives for the old and tired "standard" Interchange template. Below find links to, and descriptions for two modern Interchange templates based on the widely-used Bootstrap framework.

Both of our newly released templates are free and available to anyone. They do require Interchange of course, but if you are currently using Interchange, or are thinking about building a new website using Interchange, these are the most modern and up to date templates for Interchange available that we know of.



  • Modern responsive template based on original Bootstrap 2.3.2
  • jQuery included by default.
  • Completely HTML5 based.
  • Consolidated, streamlined, and new from the ground up div based templates.
  • Change templates with one in page parameter!
  • Google Analytics code included by default. (requires account)
  • Modern menu display, compatible with most existing IC menus.
  • Entire catalog reworked for vastly improved SEO.
  • Catalog root directory reworked to be more version control friendly.
Entire list of strap changes

Download the Strap Template for Interchange:


Highlights — all of the highlights of Strap, plus:

  • Modern responsive template based on original Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Newer style delayed post-page loading of Javascript
  • Newer style product_tree component with accordian
  • Separate Auto suggest program included for searches.
  • Single common "head" section editable in one location for all pages.
  • New "head" section provides placeholders for "per page","per component" javascript to reduce js footprint
Entire list of strap30 changes

Download the Strap30 Template for Interchange:


It is a simple matter to add one or both of these free Bootstrap-based templates to your current version of Interchange. You simply download or clone either or both of these templates into your existing Interchange VendRoot directory. Once they are in this directory, you can build a new catalog using the template just by running "makecat" and specify one of these alternative templates. All needed files are included.

Specific instructions are included in the strap README, or the strap30 README. Both README's are included in the download.

Other Downloads

Perusion Interchange Extras (PIE)

For the more advanced Interchange developer, we offer a repository of plugins for Interchange. You may clone the following GitHub repository, and use the plugins by referring to the individual directories.

PIE on GitHub