Login Page

The login page is the entry page to Interchange.  It is normally accessed with the url http://www.your_url_name.com/cgi-bin/your_catalog_name/admin/index.html , where your_url_name is your website name, for example http://www.yahoo.com  and your_catalog_name is the name that your System Admin or Interchange developer gave the Interchange Catalog when it was built.  We say normally because this is the standard address for catalog admin page.  This does not mean that your admin page will be found at this address.  If it is not, please contact your system administrator.

The Login page consists of 3 potential selections.  Username, which will be the username that your System Administrator has given to you to access the UI (User Interface).  Password, which will be the password that your System Administrator has given to you to access the UI. Finally there is a drop down menu that allows you to choose the language that will be used for the UI.  The language selection will be limited by the locales that have been chosen and made available by your System Admin or Interchange Developer.

To access the Interchange User Interface, simply enter your username and password, and click on the Log In Button




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