PCI made easy

It's extremely costly and difficult to comply with PCI DSS regulations, but we have made it cost-effective and simple with the Perusion Payment Server.

What is PCI DSS?

Sometimes referred to as simply "PCI," the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard specifies the security practices that must be followed by merchants who accept credit cards online.

Why is compliance necessary?

All merchants must complete a Self Assessment Questionnaire, detailing how they comply with PCI DSS. Any merchant whose website collects credit cards must comply.

For their own sakes, merchants should take PCI compliance seriously, as even a single security breach could put a merchant out of business.

What is involved?

Compliance requires following a detailed set of standards, covering 60+ pages of practices. These include:

Implementation of the standards requires careful thought and great expense, which make compliance all but unattainable for most small- to mid-sized merchants.

Is it impossible to comply then?

Not at all. Large merchants with the resources to implement the standards can become compliant. Smaller merchants can easily become compliant if they rely on a third-party for the collection of credit card data.

What is the Payment Server?

The Perusion Payment Server makes compliance easy by offloading the credit card processing from your website to a special server, run by Perusion, which does nothing but handle credit cards. The Payment Server doesn't handle any other web-related services. It is completely isolated and locked-down, allowing Perusion to comply with all PCI DSS regulations. Since the merchant's site no longer handles credit card collection, it is compliant as well.

Same look-and-feel

When your customer is ready to pay, they are routed to a page served by the Payment Server, which collects their credit card information. This page looks exactly like the rest of your website, providing authenticity to your customer and preventing any confusion.

The only difference is in the URL bar; if your web address is www.yoursite.com, when your customer pays they will instead see payment.perusion.com (if you use a custom secure certificate, they will see payment.yoursite.com).

Integrates with Interchange software

The Payment Server is designed to integrate with the Interchange e-commerce software. It can also work with other shopping cart software; contact us for details.


Billed monthly, based on how many transactions your site processes:

Transactions Monthly rate Additional transactions
500 $69 12¢ each
1000 $99 8¢ each
2000 $149 6¢ each
5000 $279 5¢ each

Setup fee: $69 (for existing payment gateway integrations; an additional charge may apply for custom integrations)

For a custom secure certificate (payment.yoursite.com), add $10/month. Extended Validation certificates ("green bar") are also available.


The world of PCI is complicated and confusing. Please contact us with any questions or to learn more.