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Perusion has specific expertise in e-commerce, having written software that powers thousands of sites. We also have expertise in integration with backend systems, such as accounting systems, inventory systems, and CRM.

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Web Development
Perusion can assist with or manage the development of your database-driven website or online store. Our consultants live and breathe HTML+CSS, the backbones of web development.
The opensource application server Interchange is used by companies large and small to power their ecommerce websites. If you are looking to start an online store, we typically prefer using Interchange for the task, because it is fully customizable and integrates well with other systems. If you already have an Interchange store and need assistance in working with it, we can help!
Perusion has wide experience with Apache and Perusion consultants have worked with members of the core Apache development team. We know mod_perl and have supported Apache on Linux, BSD, Solaris, and other UNIX systems.
Perusion MySQL-implemented systems drive sites with millions of page views per month. We can support optimizations and interfaces to Interchange and other SQL systems, including client integration with Windows.
Postgres is becoming more and more popular as the basis of robust transaction-oriented systems. Perusion can support integration of Postgres with Interchange, SQL-Ledger, DBI, and mod_perl.
Linux has become the dominant UNIX type on Intel systems. It powers millions of web sites and hundreds of thousands of server systems. Perusion is expert in the selection, deployment, and support of Linux systems. We offer various services including system administration and configuration. All of our hosting servers use some flavor of Linux.
Perl is the leading script language for UNIX applications. Perusion consultants are expert in the support, development, and debugging of scripts and professional-quality applications based on Perl. All of our programmers currently have at least 14 years of programming experience specifically with Perl.
JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented language, most known as the scripting language for web pages, but also used in many non-browser environments as well. Perusion consultants are expert in the support, development, and debugging of scripts and professional-quality applications using Javascript.
Ajax (shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated web development methods used on the client-side to create interactive web applications. With Ajax, web applications can retrieve data from the server asynchronously in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page. Perusion consultants use serveral combinations of Javascript and Interchange's native ITL as well as in-page Perl capabilities to develop Ajax-style applications. We lean towards the use of jQuery for JavaScript and Ajax development.
jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Perusion consultants use JQuery and Interchange ITL and in-page Perl to create fast, lean web applications for accessing and returning data, and allowing customers to easily navigate web applications.
Quickbooks is a popular business accounting program used by countless small- and medium-sized businesses across the country. As Quickbooks has evolved, it has become more accepted by larger companies as well. Perusion has developed various interfaces for Quickbooks and Interchange using Intuit's Webconnector and Interchange's versatile access to Perl and database applications. Each application is tailored specifically for customer needs following Perusion's business model of only creating what you need and when you need it. We have assembled some basic videos demonstrating our Quickbooks Webconnector interface for Interchange, along with some examples of actual transactions taking place.
Design Services
We now offer both print and web design services. Whether you need a logo designed, new or existing website layout, or a promotional flyer created, we can handle it. Ask us for more information!

Our consulting philosophy is oriented toward delivering fast, reliable, scalable and portable systems that are capable of continuous improvement — systems that are usable by your company and designed to improve your process in an economical and prudent way.

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PCI Compliance

Our Perusion Payment Server simplifies the complex world of regulations for merchants who accept credit cards online.


In our quest to provide bottom to top service for our clients, Perusion offers custom website hosting for all of our clients. While it is certainly not required, we strongly suggest especially our newly starting out clients host their sites with us. This allows us to support you in the most economical manner available. All of our servers are maintained with supporting Interchange and its related systems in mind. Other hosting providers have little idea of what is required to keep Interchange and related programs running at their peak capability.

We generally advocate starting out on a shared server, where you will have your own Interchange instance dedicated specifically to your website. As your traffic increases, we can then easily migrate your site to either a dedicated server, virtual server, or whatever level of resource commitment that is necessary to support you. When your site is on our servers, an emergency phone call or email generally results in an instantaneous response.

Each hosting package is carefully crafted for your individual needs. Monthly rates begin at $65 and are based on traffic, hardware, and storage for your particular needs.